Theatre: ‘Le Montespan’, a French classic

On Thursday 2nd February, the Théâtre Princesse Grace will feature a performance of ‘Le Montespan’, based on the book by Jean Teulé.
In 1663, Louis-Henri de Pardaillan, Marquis de Montespan, and the charming Françoise de Rochechouart fall madly in love and are married. The debts pile up, and the Marquis have no choice but to attract the Sun King’s good graces. So, Louis-Henri goes off to war for Louis XIV and is delighted to learn that Françoise has been presented to the Queen in his absence. But he had not reckoned with the King’s roving eye, which has fallen on his tender wife, the new favourite!
Written by Jean Teulé, adapted by Salomé Villiers, directed by Etienne Launay, starring Salomé Villiers, Simon Larvaron and Michaël Hirsch.
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Photo by Monaco Life