Three Monaco restaurants join sustainable seafood scheme

La Terrasse of the Oceanographique Museum, Komo and Maison Mer have made the eco-conscious step of affiliating themselves with a pledge to serve only sustainably sourced seafood to their guests.

In late November, the Prince Albert II Foundation (FPA2) proudly announced that three Monaco restaurants had joined the Mr. Goodfish programme, with the trio formally signing a partnership agreement in the presence of foundation CEO Olivier Wenden and Mr. Goodfish representative’s Tom Biscéré.

Each of the three establishments – La Terrasse of the Oceanographique Museum, Komo and Maison Mer – pride themselves on offering quality, seasonal seafood dishes. Now they haven taken the next step in their commitment to sustainability by joining the programme.

Luc Littardi, the manager of La Terrasse, commented on how he had been an enthusiastic follower of the programme for some time and was keen to demonstrate his commitment to environmentally-conscious practices and share this knowledge with their diners.

Created in 2010, the Mr. Goodfish programme campaigns for the sustainable consumption of fish and marine products. and is a joint venture between three European aquariums: Nausicaa–Centre de la Mer in France, Acquario di Genova in Italy and Aquarium Finisterrae in Spain. The Principality of Monaco has taken part in the programme since 2013 and the FPA2 has been vocal in its support.

“If every French person were to eat a species recommended by Mr. Goodfish rather than an overexploited species, even if it’s only once a year, 18,000 tonnes of endangered species could be saved,” said a spokesperson for the FPA2.

The mission of Mr. Goodfish is to “raise the awareness of both the entire fishing industry and consumers on this situation, and to offer simple and positive solutions”.

As part of this work to fight the problem of overfishing and encourage more sustainable choices for consumers, the programme regularly publishes a list of seafood species that are recommended to consume based on season, size and resource status as well as delicious recipes as suggested ways to enjoy them. The list is freely available to all, from those in the food industry to the general public. The latest published list from Mr. Goodfish is available here.



Photo credit: M. Dagnino