Post-lockdown plan set in motion

The government has outlined its three-phase plan to pull the Principality out of lockdown, starting within the week. 
The government revealed details of the plan in a televised announcement on the evening of Tuesday 28th April. “The success of this plan will depend on the vigilance and involvement of all and will be deployed only if the health situation progresses positively,” said Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger.
The Principality will end its strict lockdown on Monday 4th May at 6am, with the government initiating the first of three stages to revive Monaco’s economic activity, while monitoring the spread of the virus.
The “stop-and-go” strategy described by Minister of State Serge Telle will involve regular checks and analysis to determine whether the government will continue with its deconfinement plan or turn back.
After 49 days of confinement, people in Monaco will be able to “move freely throughout the territory without having to justify their trips,” said Mr Telle, while congratulating Monegasques and residents for having respected the rules of strict confinement.
The lifting of the lockdown will be based on a variety of conditions, including the wide availability of hand sanitiser gel, regular disinfection of public passageways, and social distancing of 1.5 metres in all public places.
The wearing of masks will be “highly recommended” in public spaces and mandatory on public transport and in shops. The wearing of gloves is not recommended, as the government would prefer to see people washing their hands regularly.
Public gatherings of more than five people will not be allowed.
Phase one: 4th May
All retail stores will be able to open their doors, on the basis of one person per four square metres. Plexiglass is recommended at store cashier points. Places of worship will also be allowed to resume, but only on the basis of social distancing and masks. Hair salons, well-being institutions and the like can open only by appointment – waiting rooms are not authorised during this phase. Private and public construction sites will be able to operate once again, and normal bus services will resume. Private boats will be able to use the ports of Monaco and helicopter services can recommence, however large cruise ships will not be allowed to dock in Monaco’s waters. Public service employees can return to work, but telework and remote video conferencing will still be encouraged.
During the first phase of deconfinement, gatherings of upto only five people will be allowed. Permanent checks will be conducted to ensure everyone – particularly businesses – are complying with the rules.
Sports grounds and playgrounds will not be authorised to open.
Phase two: 11th May
This phase will involve the resumption of progressive and partial activity in schools, focusing on students with upcoming exams and on the condition of strict health standards, including mandatory masks for teachers and students, half classes and no sports activity.
There will be no school canteen, so students can either return home for lunch or bring a packed lunch with them.
High school students will be the first to return to classes on 11th May, followed by middle school students on 18th May, and finally primary school students on 25th May.
Kindergartens, crèches and academies/universities will remain closed.
Phase three: June
From early June, and “only if the health situation in the first two stages permit”, the government will consider, on a case-by-case basis, the reopening of restaurants and coffee shops, gaming rooms, exhibition halls, theatres and cinemas, beaches and swimming pools, gyms and sporting institutions, giving priority to those with outdoor activities.
Photo: © Communication Branch / Manual Vitali