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Tiger Mosquito warning

Tiger Mosquito warning

By Cassandra Tanti - July 2, 2019

Summertime on the Riviera brings with it many things: beach days, BBQs, lazy afternoons by the pool… But it also brings the return of mosquitoes, namely the dreaded tiger mosquito, a breed that can pass along a slew of nasty viral diseases such as Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and Zika.

Tiger mosquitos are out in force throughout the Riviera in summer

First spotted in the region back in 2004, the tiger mosquito differs from its more “dusk and dawn” brethren in that they are active during the day. This means special precautions need to be taken to prevent bites. It is easily spotted due to the black and white stripes on its body, all-black wings and legs, and small size.  

To stop these pests before they have a chance to spread, it is advised to use anti-mosquito sprays or precautions (coils, oils, etc) in buildings and public spaces and do not leave stagnant water sources like vases, cups or planters in the outdoor spaces of your home, as this is a breeding ground for them.  

To protect you and your loved ones, make sure to have a good mosquito repellent spray on hand and use it regularly on exposed body parts. If the infestation of mosquitoes is already prevalent near your home, use mosquito netting when sleeping at night to prevent unnecessary bites.  

None of the diseases spread by the tiger mosquito can be passed from person to person directly. It is only when an infected person is bitten by a mosquito, then the mosquito stings another person can the diseases be transmitted.

Some symptoms of Chikungunya and Dengue are headaches, sudden fever, myalgia, retro-orbital pain, lumbago, or arthralgia. With Zika, look for a unexplained rash and at least two of the following symptoms: Arthralgia, myalgia or conjunctive hyperemia. Blood tests will confirm and suspicions.

If you suspect someone, or you yourself have been infected, get immediate medical attention and make sure you are using all preventative measures to not be bitten, so as not to pass the diseases along.


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