Time to party Peruvian-style with a Criolla concert hosted by AMLA

Blending Peruvian, European and African traditions into one, the Criolla is a traditional style of dance and music celebrated with its own special day. Now AMLA is putting on a show to introduce it to Monaco and make it part our world as well.

Starting as a musical genre and ballroom-style dance in the 19th century, Criollo is a heady mix of folk, polka and waltz, developed in the coast of Peru by the criollos, mixing Peruvian, European, and African instruments and tunes.

The music is so important to the culture that a holiday, El Día de la Canción Criolla, or Criolla Song Day, was established in 1944 by then President Manuel Prado and is celebrated nationwide on 31st October.

To bring this special and romantic music to the masses, the Latin American socio-cultural association AMLA is organising a one-night-only event in the Principality on Tuesday 10th October at the Theatre des Varietes at 7pm where the audience is invited to discover the Cancion Criolla.


“The Criolla music is very dear to Peruvians, not only because it mainly refers to romance and to Peru, but because it conveys with passion the wonders of Peru and love for the country,” says AMLA, who is organising the performance in conjunction with the Embassy of Peru.

Rolando Ruiz Rosas Cateriano, Ambassador of Peru to France and Monaco, will attend the event that will feature virtuous violinist Maria Elena Pacheco from the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru, incomparable guitar playing by Ernesto Hermoza and the unrivalled voice of Cecilia Bracamonte, all bringing the best of Peruvian song and dance to the stage including waltzes, Jaranas, Lando, tangos, boleros and flamenco.


AMLA was founded in Monaco to preserve Latin American heritage and culture as well as being a fun way to promote “the Principality’s unique position and lifestyle, with the objective of creating lasting bonds of friendship between the Principality of Monaco and the countries of Latin America.”

In this quest, they hold regular charity events each year that include galas, workshops and conferences that benefit vulnerable people in Latin America and are centred on matters such as education, health and well-being, and sustainability.

The concert is free, reservations can be made at info@amlamonaco.com.

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