Top blockchain investors to meet in Monaco in May

Monaco Yach Show aerial view from Monacair helicopter

The Blockchain Investment Conference comes to Monaco on 31 May 2019. More than 50 fund managers and high net worth investors will attend.

Unlike blockhain events that are dedicated to technologists, this one is dedicated to investors and investment in general.

Monaco Yach Show aerial view from Monacair helicopter

Attendees will enjoy Champagne networking, a pitching competition, dinner and a cocktail party in Monte Carlo.

They will also have the chance to learn an enormous amount about what makes the investment world tick and what gets them excited.

Speakers will include people who invest tens of millions each year in blockchain projects.

The ticket includes:

  • Full Access to the conference including a lunch at the Hermitage Hotel
  • Champagne networking after the conference
  • Dinner and cocktail party at the famous Twiga Monte Carlo, where all drinks are also included.

Tickets are €289.