Total Energies to cap price of fuel at €1.99 beyond 2023

Fuel giant Total Energies announced on Tuesday that it will continue to cap fuel prices at less than €2 per litre, beyond the end of 2023 and “as long as prices remain high”.

In a statement this week, the French group said that it intends to fight against the constant rise in fuel prices.

“In the context of rising fuel prices since the beginning of summer, TotalEnergies reaffirmed its commitment at the end of August 2023 by confirming that the price of diesel and gasoline will not exceed €1.99/L in the all of its service stations in France,” said the group.

Nearly 2,600 Total Energies service stations, out of the company’s 3,400, are affected by the measure.


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Photo credit: Wassim Chouak, Unsplash