Traffic “red alerts” forecast for this weekend

The weekend’s traffic situation is looking rough for those who are both leaving or returning from holidays.

Bison Futé, the French government’s traffic site, has forecast red level traffic warnings for departures and orange level for arrivals into the region this weekend.

Traffic is expected to be extremely heavy on the A8 and A50 on this holiday weekend, and patience will need to be the byword for travellers.

Specifically, traffic on the A8 between Aix-en-Provence and the Italian border will most likely see persistent traffic on urban area exits. On Friday, motorway traffic will be heavy in both directions roughly between 10am and 7pm. Saturday isn’t looking much better, with “sustained traffic” between 9am and 7pm on the section of the motorway from Antibes to Nice.

The A50 is expecting heavy traffic from Aubagne to Toulon on Friday at rush hours, and again on Saturday from mid-afternoon into the evening, then again most of the day Sunday.

Police urge caution on the roads this weekend and ask drivers to take particular care.