Tribute to famed Italian musician Lucio Dalla

Eleven years after his death, the life of beloved Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla is being celebrated by Dante Monaco in a tribute concert at the Théâtre des Variétés in Monaco.

For fans of musical legend Lucio Dalla, this will be a night to remember. A tribute concert entitled Meeting with Lucio Dalla, is being organised by Dante Monaco at the Théâtre des Variétés celebrating the works of the talented star whose life was sadly cut short by a fatal heart attack eleven years ago, just three days shy of his 69th birthday.

Leading the concert will be journalist and music critic Ernesto Assante, and one of the most talented singers of the last generation, Roberta Giallo. They will speak to the audience of their personal meeting with the music legend, and aim to reconstruct his artistic and personal life whilst taking a closer look at the myths that have sprung up around him.

Joining them on stage will be violinist and conductor Valentino Corvino, who was also a great friend of the late musician.

His music-making style will be highlighted by singer Roberta Gallo, accompanied by Valentino, who will perform both Dallo’s songs as well as a selection of her works that were favourites of the late singer.

Bolognese-born Dallo debuted in 1964 as a solo artist with the release of a single Lei, non è per me (Her, not for me). His career was punctuated by experimentation and talent, with his tribute song Caruso, about singer Enrico Caruso, being covered by the likes of Julio Iglesias and Luciano Pavarotti, whose version sold over nine million copies.

Dallo was known for having a jovial spirit and a common man’s touch that endeared him to his fans. He knew how to investigate the future with prophetic texts and create songs that take their gaze further, become an essential signal in the search for life and for poetry.

Tickets for the event are €20. Space is limited and it is advised to reserve in advance, by 16th January. For info and places, contact Dante at or on +377 97708947 and +33 6 40 62 29 53.

Mask wearing and health pass, or PCR or antigen test less than 24 hours old are required to attend.

Photo source: Gorupdebesanez