TrustConsult puts data protection in the spotlight at Monaco event

The TrustConsult Group, an international and independent corporate trust boutique and global corporate service provider, held an engaging conference in Monaco earlier this month that answered some very real questions on how personal data is being circulated in the wider world, how it is being used and what corporate entities can do to minimise security risks.

The event was held at the Fairmont Hotel on 14th March, where the 180 people attending the conference were treated to a gourmet lunch in the Salles des Glaces before the TrustConsult got into the nuts and bolts of personal data protection.  

The primary goal of the afternoon’s proceedings was to highlight not only the risks associated with the widespread dissemination and use of personal data, but also the opportunities connected to personal data protection.  

Top lawyers and bankers from Paris, Geneva, London and Dubai shared their experiences in the field of data protection and offered solutions to the complex problems they have encountered themselves.


“As privacy is permanently threatened in the private and public sector, we felt it was a crucial time to remind clients and financial operators about citizens’ essential freedom guidelines. If we consider the high attendance, the subject is definitively attracting a lot of attention,” Christian Buhlmann, CEO of Monaco’s TrustConsult branch, told Monaco Life. 

The takeaway from the event was that while support is available for those seeking to ensure maximum levels of confidentiality and security, the first steps need to be taken by individuals.  

Monaco’s TrustConsult team, from left to right: Alessandra Vicedomini; CEO Christian Buhlmann; Kateryna Viy; Monaco Life Publisher Eric Brundage; and Patricia Cressot. Photo supplied

“The only and best protector of your privacy is yourself,” summed up Buhlmann. “Indeed, the states and public authorities who supposedly have the obligation to protect their citizens are not only overwhelmed by what is happening, but are also very often focused on collecting more and more data disguised in different ways without realising the impact for the potential leak of information that could be harmful to an individual or a company.” 


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Photo supplied