Tsunami alert exercise: no need for alarm

The Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes will be testing its mobile FR-Alert system on Friday 19th January with a tsunami warning, and local authorities say it may crossover to residents in Monaco.

On Friday, between the hours of 10am and 12pm, the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes will send out a fake tsunami warning, which will include an alert text message and audio signal on people’s mobile phones.

The system was recently used when storm Aline passed over the Alpes-Maritimes.

The Monaco government on Tuesday warned that the alert may reach residents in the Principality as it is relayed via the antennas of telephone operators, and urged residents not to worry.

“As this is a simple exercise, this alert message will not require any response or sheltering behaviour from the population,” says the government. “There is therefore no point in blocking the emergency lines 18 and 112 to obtain information.”

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Photo source: Prefecture Alpes-Maritimes