Two new ‘MaConsigne’ terminals available in Monaco

The fight against single-use plastic in Monaco continues, with two new ‘MaConsigne’ terminals available for the reusable fast food container service.

Since 2019, ‘Ma Consigne’ has given consumers in Monaco the opportunity to reduce the amount of disposable packaging accompanying their food purchases.

By downloading an app, they can can select the option of having their food packaged in reusable glass containers when placing a food order. They then have 14 days to return the container to one of the terminals dotted throughout the Principality.

In an effort boost their support of this government-led initiative, the City of Monaco is hosting the installation of further ‘MaConsigne’ fast food recycling drops offs on its sites.

A new terminal has been installed at Espace Saint-Charles, and another at the Condamine Market.

To mark the occassion, Mayor Georges Marsan and Marjorie Crovetto, in charge of the Environment and Sustainable Development department of the Mairie, joined representatives of the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) and Lemniscate, creator of the terminal, as well as three restaurant owners from the Halle du Marché de la Condamine who are offering the service: MC by Kodera, la Maison des Pâtes and Maison Mer.

“The Town Hall confirms its ‘green’ commitment alongside the Prince’s Government by also encouraging the population to act,” said the Mairie in a press statement. “By making these two new MaConsigne terminals available to regulars at the Principality’s markets, the Municipal Institution hopes to participate in the collective effort to reduce plastic waste.”

To sign up for the service, simply download the MaConsigne app on iPhone and Android.


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Photo source: Mairie de Monaco