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The ultimate Monaco Grand Prix survival guide

The ultimate Monaco Grand Prix survival guide

By Staff Writer - May 22, 2018


If your friends are anything like my friends, conversation over the past couple of weeks has been dominated by plans for the Monaco Grand Prix: what parties to go to, what parties to avoid, and how to manage your energy levels so you don’t miss the grand finale – the Sunset Beach Party and Anjuna – the day after the big race on May 27.

This is my 9th Formula One in Monaco and over the years you can envision the types of people I’ve met, all with several different strategies to make it through the weekend alive. The key is to not “peak too soon”, so that you’re able to make it out of bed to watch the race on Sunday.

Some decide to party hard at the beginning, take it easy in the middle and crescendo at the end (my ex was quite an expert at this method): party hard on Wednesday and Thursday, head off to Tuscany, St Tropez or Portofino for some R&R in the middle and come back fresh as a fiddle for the grand finale.

This arrangement suits me to a tee. Nothing feels better than turning up on race Sunday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated instead of licking your wounds from the days before and having to deal with the sun, sounds and smell of burning rubber.

There are Grand Prix enthusiasts who are, bless them, naturally talented at managing their energy levels, starting off reasonably moderate and building to the fun gradually as the week goes on. This is the strategy I thought I had nailed last year, until I feel asleep on a sunbed in Anjuna …

The truth is, sometimes I get a little too confident in my partying abilities when I see others go full on over the weekend. It makes me realise that while I might think I’m “an expert partier”, I’m actually just a healthy girl that can get caught up with the real party animals.

So if like me, you like to have fun, but without it coming at the expense of your liver, keep in mind a few of my tried and tested tips over the coming days.


One: Hydrate

I know I say this in every single one of my articles but when it comes to alcohol consumption – and the partying, sweating and dancing that goes along with it – there is nothing you need more than a simple glass of water.

Make it a habit to drink at least one big glass when you wake up every morning and carry a water bottle with you at all times, aiming for at least 1.5L a day as they are predicting sunshine and warmer weather (finally!) across the week in Monaco. If you take away just one this from this guide: drink WATER!

Two: Sleep.

Tough one to fit in when you’re having fun and trying to be everywhere at once but make a point of leaving a party when you get tired, not when it’s over. I promise not all GP yacht parties are worth sticking around for til the end.

Three: Fuel yourself wisely

Go for fish because it’s light and contains healthy fats that can help with that hangover, and vegetables as they carry antioxidants (the guys who help get rid of toxins). Avoid carb-heavy, greasy, sweet or processed foods. It might taste delicious at the time but this type of food weighs you down and makes you feel hungry again before you know it – whether you are hungover or not.

Four: Be kind to yourself and others

Here’s one for your mental wellbeing. The Grand Prix is a time of the year when we welcome lots of guests into our home which can be tricky because there are those, as you know, who come with some serious attitude. Try to be kind and friendly.

Calling someone a jackass will probably feel amazing as the words come out of your mouth but take the high road instead. All that negative energy sends our minds on an irrational detour, which can cause us to overreact in other ways like over-drinking, over-eating or becoming confrontational.

Grand Prix week in Monaco should be about sharing a magical time and if we all make an effort to be a little more tolerant, we may just convince the world that this little lot of land is one where kindness is king – or, should I say, princely!

Article first published May 22, 2018. Monaco-based Maddy, founder of Nutrition For Naughty People, was featured this week in the London Evening Standard.

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