UN honours Monaco for its digital transition efforts

Monaco has presented its ambitious digital transition plan to the United Nations.

Jean-Laurent Imbert, the First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Monaco to the United Nations, spoke at the General Assembly last week of the most recent innovations put into action by the Principality for its digital transition.

The theme of the meeting was ‘Information and communication technologies for sustainable development’ and Mr Imbert presented the strategy and accomplishments the government has put in place thus far, and what the plans were for the future as well.

He announced the next phase in the Extended Monaco programme, saying: “Whether Smart-City, blockchain, e-health, or e-education, digital technology affects many fields. The growing importance of this sector, both as a creator of wealth and a vector of innovation, will contribute to achieving our goals in terms of sustainable development, as well as improving the quality of life.”

The Extended Monaco plan is based on a unique vision that a small country like Monaco has distinct advantages for a rapid digital revolution due to its size, capacity for action, investment potential and brand image. The model is based on community efforts and reaching for opportunities in a place where government support and information is available.

Mr Imbert also presented an overview of the future of public service in the Principality utilising technologies such as digital identities, digital safes, and the implementation of an e-administration.