UPAINT street art available online

UPAINT, the one-of-a-kind street art festival hosted in the Principality of Monaco – has launched an open sale of the art that was crafted live in June, with all proceeds going to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

UPAINT, formerly known as UPAW, is a unique art event to Monaco in which street artists showcase their talents for the general public over a number of days, creating a fun opportunity for them to witness the artists in action. At the end of the live performances, the art pieces are sold during a live auction curated by Artcurial. The net proceeds go to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to support projects that preserve our planet for a better future.

This year, UPAINT has renewed its partnership with invaluable.com to offer the option of acquiring the artworks from this year’s live show, which took place from 17th to 20th June. The sale will be open until 15th October 2022 and is a timed auction.

The public will be able to bid on 18 pieces created by the artists Futura, Bordalo II, Pez, Buff Monster, Dan Kitchener, The London Police, Bond Truluv, Spok Brillor, Alice Pasquini (Alicè), Dario Vella, Aura Aerosole and Oldhaus.

Proceeds from this sale will go to the Foundation’s Human – Wildlife Initiative, which aims to protect wildlife in rural and mountain areas neighbouring the South of France.

For information, contact info@upawart.com.


Artwork above: ‘Wild Side’ by Alice Pasquini