Upcoming Monaco Pour l’Emploi jobs forum will feature “more ambitious format”

monaco pour l'emploi

Following the huge success of the first Monaco Pour l’Emploi event last September, which attracted some 3,650 jobseekers to the Principality, the jobs fair is being reprised in February with a bigger and “more ambitious” format that will feature more opportunities in additional sectors.  

On Friday 16th February, an “expanded and therefore more ambitious” version of the employment forum will be taking place at the Grimaldi Forum and it is looking to draw in potential job candidates from across the region. 

The event is free and open to all, and will be divided into 12 different sectors of employment to give those who are laser-focused on their next career a chance to pinpoint specific employers, whilst also allowing those who may not know exactly what their future holds the opportunity to browse and see what options are available.  

In addition to the jobs fair itself, there will also be an employment coaching centre run by the Monaco Employment Service, the Directorate of Human Resources and Civil Service Training, and the Monaco Social Fund. Here, candidates can learn what to expect in an interview situation and receive advice on how to prepare as well as how to improve their chances of success.


Companies who would like to be a part of the Monaco Pour l’Emploi event should contact the dedicated agency being used to organise stands on +377 97 97 35 55 or send an email to info@monacopourlemploi.mc. Registrations can also be made online here.

Jobseekers need only show up armed with their CV although pre-event online submissions are also possible here.

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Photo source: Brooke Cagle, Unsplash