Upcoming Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous to drive sustainable solutions in yachting

monaco smart yacht rendezvous

With a mission to promote sustainability in the luxury yachting sector, next month’s Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous is a great opportunity for yacht owners and managers to get up to speed on the latest industry developments and make the transitions needed for a cleaner way of living and working. 

As maritime regulations and legal requirements shift toward the greener end of the spectrum, the luxury yachting community is finding it increasingly necessary to keep up and comply.  

The Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous, taking place on 23rd and 24th March at the Yacht Club de Monaco, is a forum designed to not only inform on these changes, but also to give owners and their representatives a chance to meet the innovators who are creating sustainable products and solutions that will help make the transition as simple as possible.  

Created in response to the great success of last year’s Smart Marina Conference, this event will see naval architects, designers, shipyards, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, young entrepreneurs, yacht owners, start-ups and investors act together to share ways to make sea-going pleasure vessels the best they can be in terms of green practices, from carbon neutrality and respect for biodiversity. 

The event, which will coincide with Monaco Ocean Week, is being supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation, Credit Suisse and sustainable economy specialists Blumorpho. It will feature an e-catalogue presenting the many solutions from the companies present at the conference and who will also be available for in-person explanations and meetings.  

Additionally, speakers such as Marc Hervás, Sustainability Coordinator at MB92 Group, a world leader for superyacht refits, repairs and maintenance committed to sustainability, and a technology expert within the yachting sphere, Laurent Pérignon, will be sharing their experiences and thoughts on how to make tomorrow’s yachting world better.  

“Our fleet can be improved in many areas like water treatment, energy efficiency and propulsion systems,” says Hervás. “All eyes are on the sector and we have to be proactive and lead change. Companies that want to engage should work on a sustainable development strategy. This should include scope for the creation of partnerships and alliances as they are key to progression towards sustainability.” 

With over 500 new builds over 24 metres built each year and as many resold, the yachting industry is a huge community that could make massive strides if they work together, argue Paris Baloumis, the marketing director at shipyard Oceanco, and Wim Verhoeff, its Fleet Support Project Manager. 

“All owners want to make the right choice when it comes to sustainability,” the pair have said via a pre-event statement. “The only question is how far customers want to push the innovation envelope. Some like proven technologies, others want to drive the whole industry forward and try technologies that are still untested or unavailable. Either way, owners are now talking about sustainability and so are their children.”  

For further information on how to participate at the Monaco Smart Yacht Rendezvous, please click here.


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Photo credit: Martin Messmer