Use it or lose it: paid leave has an expiration date

paid leave

For private sector employees in France, paid leave does not necessarily roll over into the next year, and the deadline for use is fast approaching.  

Workers in the private sector, take heed. The government has put out a reminder that last year’s accumulated paid leave expires on 31st May, unless arrangements can be made with employers to extend it, or roll it over, into this year.  

The leave in question is anything acquired between 1st June 2021 and 31st May 2022, though in certain sectors the dates vary, whilst the principle remains the same.  

If a person has not taken all their holiday time by the end of the company’s cut-off date, they risk losing it altogether. This can be avoided in some cases by speaking directly to the employer and asking for it to be postponed, but as some organisations have “use it or lose it” policies, there is a risk they will not comply.  

Some situations allow for postponement, despite company rules. These include external constraints such as sick leave, maternity or adoption leave, or the impossibility of taking time for organisational reasons at the request of your employer.  

Employees who benefit from a time savings account (CET) can invest in it the rights resulting from periods of leave or rest (RTT) not taken. 

Paid leave is obtained at the rate of 2.5 working days per month of work performed.  


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Photo source: Vidar Nordii-Mathisen