UV robot key to airport’s health and safety plan

Nice Côte d’Azur airport has implemented new health and safety measures to protect passengers, with a super high-tech robot at the heart of the plan.

An automatic robot that emits ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses suspended in air or on surfaces has been deployed, and after successful tests on 28th April and 7th May, is now ready for wider use at airport facilities. The airport says that the robot can destroy nearly 100% of bacteria and viruses present.

The robot is a prerequisite for reopening all terminals and will optimise the effects of the usual disinfecting and cleaning operations already in place.

Trained agents, dressed in hospital-grade clothing, will be working alongside the robot together with regular cleaning staff. These agents will work with a special viricidal surface disinfectant for an added layer of passenger protection.  

Hand sanitising dispensers have been installed throughout the terminals, on walking routes, at self-service terminals and in toilets, which also now have air and surface purifiers. The system works using UV radiation that is safe for humans and deadly to viruses.

Indoor air filtration will be increased by 50% with the use of improved filter models, the same quality as those used in hospitals. These filters will be replaced twice as often as in previous times, and ventilation ducts will be cleaned three times as often. 

As for travellers, masks will be obligatory in the terminals and the usual social distancing rules will apply. Masks can be brought from home, but they are also available in the terminals.