Valérie Bruell-Melchior confirmed as Monaco’s new Ambassador to France

A new chapter looks set to be written in Franco-Monegasque relations following Valérie Bruell-Melchior’s appointment as the next Ambassador of Monaco to France.

In a formal ceremony held at the Élysée Palace on Thursday 29th February, Valérie Bruell-Melchior, the newly appointed Ambassador of Monaco to France, officially presented her credentials to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Following the official ceremony, Ambassador Bruell-Melchior and President Macron attended a private meeting, where discussions focused on their shared commitment to further enhancing the already strong diplomatic ties between the Principality and France.

Ambassador Bruell-Melchior conveyed her dedication to advancing the interests of Monaco while continuing to work closely with the Embassy of Monaco in Paris to support bilateral initiatives.

President Macron reciprocated the sentiment, highlighting the deep-seated friendship and cooperation that exists between France and Monaco. He specifically acknowledged his relationship with Prince Albert II and expressed his appreciation for Monaco’s active engagement in addressing issues such as security, climate change and environmental preservation.

This diplomatic engagement comes at a time when both nations are navigating complex global challenges, making the reinforcement of their partnership increasingly significant.

As Ambassador Bruell-Melchior begins her tenure, the focus will remain on promoting mutual interests and strengthening the bonds of friendship that have long characterised the Monaco-France relationship.


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Photo source: Monaco Communications Department