Video: Gallery tour of Monaco Art Week 2023

Join Monaco Life as we tour the Principality’s biggest galleries and auction houses, who have joined forces to offer the public a unique chance to discover and engage with different periods of art through a dynamic programme.

From Renoir and Picasso to Kusama and Botero, Monaco Art Week is a feast for collectors, professionals and art lovers.

In Part 1, we feature the following:

Sotheby’s – Chagal, Rêves de couleur – Louise Grether

Opera Gallery – Monaco Masters Show – Damien Simonelli

G&M Design – David Bailey – Veronika Desanglois

Ward Moretti at Moretti Fine Art – Impressionism, painting from Nature – Emma Ward

Click on the video below…


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Photo: Cassandra Tanti (right) on the Monaco Art Week tour, credit: Alice Bensi