Video: Prince Albert welcomes ‘No More Time – Oceans are Life’ sculpture to Foundation headquarters

Prince Albert was joined by a number of prestigious guests on Friday for the official unveiling of a monumental sculpture by Paola Buratto Caovilla entitled ‘No More Time – Oceans are Life’.

As part of Monaco Ocean Week, selected guests gathered alongside Prince Albert II, Olivier Wenden – CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and the artist Paola Buratto Caovilla, to celebrate her impactful sculpture.

Made of resin and acrylic paint, the artist’s multi-coloured globe represents our planet and shines the spotlight on the oceans. It also has a universal message to share: there can be no future if we do not care for the environment, and protecting the oceans must be a top priority.

‘No More Time – Oceans are Life’ stems from what Paola has seen and done, but there is more to it than just experience: “In life, we must endeavour to leave our children and those who come after us a better world, where they can find happiness,” says the Italian artist. “The only message that counts is the one that tells us we must be environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

The artist says that she wanted to display ‘No More Time – Oceans are Life’ in the gardens of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and unveil it during Monaco Ocean Week so that she could show her support for the foundation’s work and play her part in the week of ocean conservation efforts, especially those involving young people.

Princesses Maria Chiara and Maria Carolina of Bourbon Two Sicilies are the Ambassadors of the  initiative, tying in with their dedication to humanitarian causes.

Paola Buratto Caovilla is a descendant of the artist Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (1682-1754) and has a creative workshop in Veneto, Italy. She is also the author of six books that carry the common theme of embracing nature and sustainability in our lives, asking “What is the point of living comfortably if we’re not making the world a better place for those who’ll be here after we’re gone?”.

The sculpture, and its message “Oceans are Life”, will be on display until 30th April 2023.

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