Video sermons in English

St. Paul’s Anglican Church has started making online videos of their weekly sermons in English, so parishioners don’t have to miss out during the lockdown.

As the Christian world approaches their most hallowed time of year, the Easter season, St Paul’s Anglican Church in Monaco has adapted to the confinement regulations by making YouTube videos of their services.

The latest is a 24-minute video of the Mass of the Annunciation on the 25th of March showing the parish presbyter, Father Lawrence, addressing the camera and giving comfort to those who cannot attend their usual services due to lockdown.  

For those who have not visited St Paul’s, it is an unassuming, pretty church dedicated in 1925, aptly sitting on Avenue Grande Bretagne. The interior has three beautiful stained glass window panels depicting biblical scenes. 

Normally, it is host to many events, concerts and gatherings, but as the lockdown no longer permits these kind of get-togethers, the church has cleverly improvised. The church has officially been closed since the 15thof March.

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Top photo: by Monaco Life, all rights reserved