Video: The Monaco Grand Prix through the eyes of Charles Leclerc

video charles leclerc

A short film released by Monaco-native Charles Leclerc on his YouTube channel tells the touching story of what the iconic Monaco Grand Prix means to him as he prepared for this year’s race.  

Charles Leclerc has racing in his blood. His father, Hervé Leclerc, founder of French car parts manufacturer Mecaplast, was a Formula 3 racer in the 1980s and 90s. Indeed, the 25-year-old Monegasque was weaned on this track, these streets.  

In the new YouTube video published on his personal page on 5th July, the young F1 driver shares his preparations for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix race, alongside some more intimate moments amongst family and friends who were there to support him on home turf.  

“It’s a crazy week,” he says of the race and the run-up. “It’s obviously home for me, so I see all the preparation and all the build-up to race day. It’s a week I’ve lived all my life.”  


The video stands out for the relative calmness he takes in the day-to-day preparations before the race. For example, he and a friend take a boat to the Iles des Lérins for a more private training session. Afterwards, he remarks on what a beautiful day it is and how much less hectic it is than trying to train in Monaco.  

The viewer also sees Leclerc head to his mother Pascale’s hairdressing shop for a pre-race trim. It’s a tender moment, but not without a bit of playful teasing between the two.

In another scene, he cooks a basic meal of pasta pesto for his team and there is a laugh around the table when they realise it has been undercooked: “It’s not al dente… It’s ‘croccante’!”

His humble reaction is endearing and he makes a point of saying that he is accustomed to having to fend for himself, and that his life isn’t all about having help and staff that look after him.  

“I swear people must be thinking, ‘Formula 1 driver and all that, the guy must have somebody at home cooking for him’. Well, no. I made pasta and totally messed it up. We still eat it though as we don’t let anything go to waste,” he tells the camera.

Later in the video, Leclerc attends a dinner with his team, family and Prince Albert. It’s a relaxed night complete with games and activities that helps ground Leclerc before the race.


The charming sportsman makes a point of explaining the major role thatfamily and friends play in his life, and how their love and support are extremely important to him.  

“My mum tells us very often that however difficult the moment is, it’s really important to enjoy [life],” he says. “My mum and my dad were on the same line and were thinking the same way. So I recognise what my dad would have said. My dad probably would have been more technical on some advice, whereas my mum is not a driving professional.” 

During a boat ride with his mother and brothers, the older Lorenzo and younger Arthur, he gives warm advice to the latter, who is also following in the family footsteps as a driver, saying he is more concerned about him than himself in a show of brotherly affection.  

By Friday, we see Leclerc start to get his game face on. He shifts gears and becomes the trained professional he truly is.  

“It’s the time I love most,” he says.  

The video goes through the trials and ends with Sunday’s race, taking viewers from his morning routine, which is much like anyone else getting ready for work, through to the end of the race day, where he expressed his sadness at the way the race turned out, although it’s mixed with his trademark optimism for what’s to come.  

Watch the short film for yourself below…


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Featured photo via Charles Leclerc / Facebook