Visit the Far East without leaving Monaco

La Loggia, a concept store created by renowned interior designer Adriano Garbarino, is turning Japanese, if only for few months, filling their space with elegant and subtle designs from the East.

La Loggia by Garbarino is taking clients on a journey to Japan with their latest design stage, entitled Reiwa. The word means “beautiful harmony” and is a nod to the name given to this current era by the new emperor of the country, Naruhito, who came to the throne in May 2019.

Adriano Garbarino, the architect of his design space’s newest theme at La Loggia, has been fascinated by the Land of the Rising Sun for years, drawing much of his inspiration from the clean lines and minimalist looks of the country. David Garbarino, Adriano’s son and right-hand man, collaborated with his interior designer Amandine Chanut to create a universe in the pure Japanese tradition.

This latest endeavour, which has been entirely renovated for the occasion, will allow visitors to discover arts and crafts from the time of the shogun through to today.

Some highlight pieces include authentic yoroi ceremonial armour, gold-leaf screens called byobu, and traditional unframed wall hanging made from paper of silk called kakemonos.

In addition, there will be examples of hanakago, woven bamboo baskets, ikebana, a typical floral arrangement, suzuri-bako, inkwells made specifically for calligraphy, and gorgeous lacquered boxes with gold leaf inserts known jubako.

Japan-themed books will also be available at the site, courtesy of Masséna Bookstore, the literary partner of La Loggia by Garbarino.

Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies will be explained with all the necessary accoutrements on display, and any small item purchases will be wrapped in the style of Nippon with beautiful Furoshiki fabrics. These items complement the furnishings inspired by the Far East.

The design show runs from now until 28th February 2022 at La Loggia’s location on Boulevard des Moulins.