Visit the group exhibition of Dubuffet, Hartung and Soulages

Hans Hartung artwork

From February 22 to March 15, the Opera Gallery in Monaco is hosting an exhibition of three artists – Jean Dubuffet, Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages.

Jean Dubuffet is a French painter and sculptor. Hans Hartung is a French/German painter. Pierre Soulages is a French painter, engraver and sculptor.

The exhibition commemorates the 25th anniversary of Opera Gallery, which has locations around the world. It also marks the tenth anniversary of Opera Gallery being in Monaco.

The gallery describes the exhibition thus: “These idiosyncratic, international giants, of Post-War and contemporary art, still influence today.Founding father of Art Brut, Dubuffet was able to represent life’s extremes with a dualistic brutality and sensitivity, a post WWII truth through the centre of his stylised works.

Hans Hartung artwork

“Hartung’s offering is more geared towards formal abstraction, with a profoundly delicate use of line and tone evoking life’s great source of energy.

“Soulages, who celebrates a centenary this year, offers further restraint demonstrating a capability or invoking infinite change through his limited palette and minimal, yet expressive, composition.”

Venue details: Opera Gallery, Monaco, 1 avenue Henri Dunant, Palais de la Scala 98000, Monaco.

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Click on the slide show to have a sneak peek of the artists’ work.