“We owe it to our society”, Prince calls for solidarity in 2022

In delivering his annual New Year’s Eve speech, Prince Albert has told the people of Monaco that, through solidarity, “2022 will be another step forward on the path to a fairer and more humane pre-pandemic world”.

Standing in front of a large Christmas tree at the Palace, Prince Albert gave his annual speech on 31stDecember, reflecting on the year gone and his hopes for the year ahead.

It is now, said the Prince, during this time of “seasonal wishes”, that it is “vital for each of us to be able to pause and take time to recharge our batteries, so that we may, both individually and collectively, confront the challenges that lie ahead”.

The Prince’s address, spoken in French and accompanied by English subtitles, focussed heavily on the Covid-19 pandemic. “Every day we are reminded of how fragile the situation is as the progress made in 2021 is continually called into question,” said the Head of State. “We must act responsibly in the face of this epidemic, not only by observing barrier gestures, but also by keeping in mind that, at present, vaccination remains our only true effective weapon.

“We have a duty, not just to ourselves, but especially to our family and friends and to the society in which we live.”

The Prince added: “Beyond that, we have a responsibility to future generations. The economic, social and environmental situation we bequeath to them depends on the actions we take today.

It is my firm belief that if we continue to show solidarity with eachother, 2022 will be another step forward on the path to a fairer and more human pre-pandemic world.”

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Photo: screenshot taken from Prince Albert’s speech