Weekend ski report: 11th – 13th March

Yet more snow is expected across the region this weekend adding to what has thus far been a snowy month. Isola 2000 and Limone Piemonte are amongst the resorts expected to get a fresh white sheet.

Isola 2000 – There are currently 23 ski slopes and 17 ski lifts open at Isola. Visitors can expect there to be between 95 and 80 cm of hard snow, whilst this will be topped up with more fresh snow throughout the weekend, with snow forecast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Skiers will have to wrap up with highs of just 1°C and lows of -8°C. The col de la Bonette and la Lombarde roads are closed until the end of the winter season. The 2022 Xtreme Snowscoot tour will be taking place at the resort over the weekend.

Auron – There are currently 21 ski slopes and 16 ski lifts open at the resort, with between 85-75 cm of standing snow thanks to last Saturday’s snowfall. This will be topped up further this weekend with snowfall on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be some moderate winds potentially reaching 31km/h on Saturday. The incoming snow will entail a drop in temperatures with highs of 2°C and lows of -5°C. In terms of access, Route de la Tinée, Route de la Bonette, Piste de la Moustière, Piste de Demandols all remain closed.

Les Deux Alpes – There is a huge choice of runs at the resort with 79 ski slopes and 40 ski lifts currently open. There is 65cm of soft standing snow. The resort isn’t expecting any snow over the weekend, and temperatures are expected to rebound following last week’s cold spell with lows of -2°C and highs of 6°C. It will be largely overcast this weekend with the chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

La Colmiane – There are 11 ski slopes and five ski lifts open at the resort, with between 70 and 45 cm of standing snow following last weekend’s snowfall. Friday will see sunny intervals, with overcast conditions forecast for the rest of the weekend. There is also a chance of snow late on Sunday. Temperatures will be lower than previous weekends with highs of 1°C and lows of -5°C. The resort hosts a market on Saturdays, and will continue to do so until the end of March.

Greolieres les Neiges – There are nine ski lifts open, as well as 30km of open runs. There is between 47 and 28 cm of soft standing snow at the resort. It will be a largely cloudy weekend on the slopes of Greolieres, with sunny intervals expected on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be highs of 6°C and lows of -3°C. The resort isn’t reporting any road closures.

Limone Piemonte – The Italian resort is reporting 15 open runs and 11 ski-lifts, while snow levels vary from 45 cm to 10 cm. There is expected to be heavy snowfall over the weekend with further snow forecast every day from today until Monday. There will be lows of -4°C and highs of 4°C. Passage through the Roya valley currently isn’t possible due to the collapsed bridge at Tende. Drivers must instead pass through Ventimiglia and the journey from Monaco is currently approximately three hours.

Valberg – There are 22 ski slopes and 11 ski lifts open. The resort currently has between 80 and 60 cm of standing snow, following the snowfall on Valentine’s day. Unlike the rest of the region, where snowy and overcast conditions are forecast, it is expected to be largely sunny at Valberg, with beautiful conditions on Saturday in particular. It is expected to be slightly milder than last weekend with highs of 4°C and lows of 0°C.

Note: Snow tyres must be worn on the roads up to the ski resorts.