Well-being on demand

In Your Element On Demand, a global well-being platform for businesses, is giving free access to their experts, coaches and video library for one weekend.

In Your Element On Demand, an online wellness platform created for the workplace, is offering the free weekend from Friday 29th January to Sunday 31st January. Participants will be given unlimited access to up to 15 videos from the platform’s ‘Winter Self-Care Support Library’ which will allow individuals to create a tailor-made wellness weekend at home.

The offer includes a number of self-care workshops that cover topics as diverse as nutrition, mobility and movement, massage, pilates, reflexology, numerology, yoga, qigong and mindfulness.

The site was created by Krista Madden, who launched In Your Element in 2019. With the health crisis, she pivoted her company from a festival-based model to an online one. Her focus is on employees, as so many people now work from home due to the crisis and are suffering with declines to both their physical and mental health.

“With so many teams working remotely there is a loss of connection and sense of

community,” said Krista Madden. “In Your Element is a wellness video platform for businesses which gives staff access to coaches and experts who will inspire them to create healthy habits and rituals, which will help support them with mental and physical health issues. It’s about restoring that sense of community and support, which is so important for a good company culture. It helps to give employees back something to chat to their teams about.”

The videos are separated into four “elements”- air, fire, water and earth- which allow for a specialised programme custom made for each person.

Once the free introductory weekend is over, there is an option to purchase a monthly subscription to the site or to build a one-off personalised package. To sign up, email the organisers at info@inyourelementfestival.com and a private password will be sent to access the event.