What changes in France from 30th June?

Wednesday saw the official end of lockdown in France with the lifting of many restrictions including capacity limits in restaurants and a return to normal wedding celebrations.

Some of the last of the lockdown measures are being rescinded in France, just as summer hits its stride.

Bars, cafés and restaurants will now be able to welcome customers at 100% capacity, weddings will no longer need to restrict the number of guests they allow, and concert goers both indoors and out can stand, dance and singalong to their favourite bands so long as the total number of people remains under 1,000.

Cruises are able to resume operations again, albeit with a 1,000-person limit and on the condition each passenger is in possession of a health pass. Additionally, shops of all sizes will no longer have the limit  of 4m2 per customer. 

The much-maligned curfew was lifted 10 days earlier than the rest of the new rules.  

A few lingering rules remain, though, including the obligation to wear masks indoors, in open air markets, while circulating on terraces, and whilst standing in queues. Standing and drinking at a bar is still not allowed.

While nightclubs are to remain closed for now, they can reopen on 9th July with a specific set of rules regarding health protocols.

The easement of lockdown rules started on 19th May 2021 when the French government allowed outdoor bar and restaurant services to resume, curfews were reduced, and museums, theatres and cinemas were able to reopen their doors.  

Since 9th June, France has welcomed foreign visitors, including Americans, upon the presentation of a health pass.  

Fears from health officials over the fast-spreading Delta variant have cast a slight shadow over all the good news, with the government saying areas that show signs of rising cases and hospitalisation numbers may reverse back to certain restrictions.  

France hopes that its vaccination programme, which has hit a milestone of 50% of the population having at least one jab, will stop the need to backtrack and prevent a fourth wave this autumn.

Photo of Four Kicks band playing at a wedding by photographer Clara Rice