What is ‘Immersive Week’ at Monaco’s Maison du Numérique all about?

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From sessions on artificial intelligence to experiencing the metaverse and realms of virtual reality firsthand, the very first ‘Immersive Week’ organised by the Maison du Numérique promises an expert-led exploration of the fascinating world of the latest technologies. Here are all the details.  

The Maison du Numérique, which opened in July 2023, has teamed up with the Government of Monaco, Monaco Telecom, Extended Monaco and the Mairie de Monaco to hold the very first edition of the ‘Immersive Week’.  

Starting on 7th and ending 10th November, the programme features a mix of conferences and workshops that are free and open to the public. Each will be led by an expert in their respective field and seek to both empower and inform participants who are keen to develop their own digital knowledge.  

An engaging agenda 

On the first day of the schedule is a session on how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising web marketing and content creation that will be taught by Mohamed Zaraa at 5.30pm.  

Participants can then dive into the world of ‘biodigitals’ – virtual entities shaping the future – in the company of Dr. Marie-Nathalie Jauffret, a renowned expert in this field, on 8th November at 12.30pm. On the same day at 6pm, Kevin Soler, CEO and founder of VIRTEEM, will lead a class on the mysteries of the metaverse, shedding light on the challenges, opportunities and impacts of this emerging digital landscape. 

A ChatGPT challenge will take place on 9th November at 10am and 12pm, where two teams will learn to harness the power of this innovative tool for storytelling. These two workshops are for International University of Monaco students only.  

At 6pm that day, visitors to the Maison du Numérique can explore the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of AI on daily life with a conference hosted by the House of Artificial Intelligence.  

Finally, don’t miss the chance to test out virtual reality and experience the metaverse firsthand thanks to a session with VIRTEEM’s state-of-the-art equipment on 10th November at 12.30pm.  

A glimpse into a digital future 

The concept of hosting the ‘Immersive Week’ started back in July, on the back of several events held during the early days of the facility that attracted 600 visitors, according to Anthony Boccone, the head of the Maison du Numérique.  

“We aim to gather valuable feedback and statistics during Immersive Week to fine-tune our offerings and set the stage for 2024,” he told Monaco Life.  

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