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What is the 100km rule?

What is the 100km rule?

By Stephanie Horsman - May 15, 2020

Questions and confusion about the latest rules regarding travel during deconfinement have been swirling. Here are some answers to clear things up.

As the de-escalation of lockdown ends its first week, there are still many people who are not entirely clear on the rules of travel for France and Monaco.  

Freedom of travel is permitted for French citizens and residents, so long as it remains within 100km of home and does not cross country or department borders. This distance is calculated “as the crow flies”, meaning in a straight line radius from your front door, not distance clocked on the road. Monaco is included in this rule, though crossings into Monaco by non-residents still requires a justifiable reason, such as work, school or family emergencies.   

Unrestricted border crossings into Italy are also currently still not allowed unless it is for work or other valid reasons, until at least 15th June. Cross border workers must carry a special international travel exemption declaration at all times.

Travelling abroad outside of Monaco or France is dependent upon the individual country and the reason for going. Travellers with Monaco passports going to the UK and Spain will need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival into either country. Confusingly, French citizens are exempt from the quarantine in the UK by special dispensation between the two country’s governments.

The European Commission met Wednesday and presented their recommendations for opening internal borders within the EU, which may further expand the reach of Monegasque travellers in the coming weeks, but as of time of writing, no concrete plans have been set in motion on this front.



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