When can I travel through France?

If everything goes to plan, France will gradually come out of lockdown over the coming weeks. That means people will soon be able to travel to their second homes and fly out of the French Riviera for personal trips.
As announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday night, the first stage of “deconfinement” begins on Saturday 28th November with the re-opening of non-essential stores. (For more details on this, read our full story here.)
But there will be no change to the rules on travel to, from – and in Monaco’s case – through France until 15thDecember.
So, for the next three weeks, travel by plane, car or train, will only be allowed for people in exceptional circumstances and they must still carry an exemption certificate.
This rules-out travelling to second homes in France.
However, things all start to change from 15th December, when the second stage of “deconfinement” kicks in. If the number of daily infections remains below 5,000, travel for personal reasons from or through France and within the EU, the UK and Schengen area will once again be allowed. Exemption certificates will no longer be required.
It means that people will be able to take holidays and visit friends and family within this zone during the festive season.
However, many countries still have requirements on quarantine or negative Covid tests for people entering from abroad, therefore travellers should check the conditions and rules of each country before setting off.
Travel outside of the EU Schengen area is still not authorised for all non-essential travellers, and a specific international exemption certificate must be produced, unless people are travelling to and from a ‘safe country’: Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, and Thailand. Note, this list is updated every two weeks.
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