Where to find Monaco’s Christmas tree collection points

Before it’s reduced to a pile of pine needles on the living floor, now is the perfect time to turn your Christmas tree into compost that can be used in the parks and gardens of Monaco and the surrounding area. Here’s how.

Until 26th January, the Mairie de Monaco, in collaboration with the Société Monégasque d’Assainissement and the Monegasque government, is running a Christmas tree recycling scheme that allows residents to freely and, more importantly, ecologically, dispose of their natural Christmas trees.

11 drop-off zones across the Principality are now up and running: Place Saint-Nicolas, Place Sainte-Dévote, the Jardins d’Apolline intersection of the Promenade Honoré II, Allée Saint Jean-Paul II, Esplanade Albert 1° opposite the Casino supermarket, Boulevard du Larvotto before the Rue du Portier junction, Place des Moulins, Pont Sainte-Dévote at the upper entrance of the SNCF station, Place Saint-Charles, Boulevard de Belgique next to the Bosio bus stop and Avenue Hector Otto near Escorial. 

The idea is to encourage people to drop off their Christmas trees at dedicated sites rather than dumping them in rubbish bins or at the déchèterie.  

In the past, the trees collected have been transported to a composting centre in Carros where they are transformed into useful mulch and other easily biodegradable materials that can be used in gardens and parks.  


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Photo source: Mairie de Monaco