Where to wash your car in Monaco once the skies have cleared

Recent Saharan sand-laced rains have left vehicles along the Côte d’Azur streaked with brown dust and dirty marks, a sight that many drivers are keen to change. Fortunately, the weather looks set to turn in the coming days, meaning that it will soon be safe to wash all the muck off without worrying about the same thing happening again in the near future.  

The fine, orange-brown sand that has accompanied the rain in recent days has formed a layer of dirt on cars, terraces and just about everything else.  

The good news is that the rains are meant to come to an end this week – let’s hope that summer is finally about to get going – and car owners will once again be safe to clean up their vehicles, free from the threat of another muddy downpour. 

For those living in and around Monaco, there are lots of car washing establishments to choose from, including X’Pert Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum. This conveniently located service is often overlooked, but is a great option for those in the centre of town. 

Country Car Wash in the Monte-Carlo Country Club’s parking lot is also a top choice, as is Pro-Tech Monte-Carlo, which has two locations in the Parking de La Costa and Les Moulins area, and Monaco Premium Car Wash in the Testimonio underground carpark.  

The Carsafe facility on Rue Suffren Reymond offers bespoke detailing as well as storage and maintenance, and the Pitstop station on Avenue Princesse Grace provides hand washes as well as an automatic wash, which is handy for those in a hurry.   

Additionally, there are numerous mobile car wash services in the region, such as MyWashMonaco. 

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Photo source: Zulfahmi Khani, Unsplash