Which countries will ask you to quarantine upon arrival?

Monaco residents who are flying out of France will be required to quarantine in certain European countries, amid a steady increase in Covid-19 cases. Here are the countries currently imposing a quarantine on travellers.
While travel within Europe was largely opened on 15th June, some countries chose to maintain certain restrictions while others have now decided to impose new ones as a result of rising case numbers in France.
It is important to note that the quarantine is based on the country you are travelling from, not the nationality on your passport. So, anyone flying out of France – including Monaco residents – will be subject to these rules.
Norway is the latest country to announce a quarantine rule for anyone who arrives from France, effective Saturday 8th August. Travellers will have to observe a 10-day quarantine.
Passengers arriving on flights from France to Ireland are required to enter into a 14-day self-imposed quarantine upon arrival. This means that travellers can isolate themselves at home or in another place of accommodation. People are required to inform authorities about where they will be in quarantine and the Irish government says that it will be conducting checks to ensure compliance.
Even though border restrictions were relaxed throughout Europe in June, Finland has always maintained strict entry restrictions, banning all non-essential travel.
While Iceland has a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from France, it only applies to people who were born before 2005. There is also the possibility to be tested at the airport and those who test negative will be allowed into the country without quarantine.
There are some restrictions in Denmark, but no quarantine. The country is trying to limit numbers by opening the borders only for essential travel, such as work or transit. Travellers who can show they are staying at least six nights in the country are also allowed in.
Tests are available for travellers at airports in Greece, but there is no requirement to quarantine upon arrival from France. It is necessary, however, to fill out a travel form 48 hours before departure. You can find the form here.
United Kingdom
While the UK does not currently require travellers from France to quarantine, the country says it is “closely monitoring” the situation and has recently added quarantine rules for people arriving from Spain, Belgium, Andorra and the Bahamas. The situation with France could change at any time.