Whistleblower summoned to Monaco

Johnathan Taylor, the former SBM Offshore employee who exposed irregular activities at the company, says he will return to Monaco in October to appear before a judge on the condition he be allowed to leave the Principality.

Back in 2012, Johnathan Taylor blew the whistle on corruption at SBM Offshore, for whom he was working with at the time, and provided “evidence about bribes being offered to government officials in return for lucrative contracts,” according to a report by the BBC at the time.
After a series of subsequent events, Taylor was arrested in Dubrovnik, Croatia in July 2020 whilst on holiday with his family via an Interpol red license.
Though never formally charged with any wrongdoing, he remained in jail in Croatia for the next year, with the Croatians citing the need for ongoing investigations into the matter. He was finally released in July of this year after the Justice Minister of Croatia overturned a decision to extradite him to the Principality.
Now Monaco judge Ludovic Leclerc has issued a summons demanding Taylor appear at the Palais de Justice on 11th October for “examination”.
“His presence is compulsory”, states the letter, seen by the BBC, which was sent to Taylor’s French attorney William Bourdon.
“It is now seven years since my former employer, SBM Offshore, reported me to the Monaco prosecutor for alleged attempted extortion,” Taylor explained, and though the complaint was subsequently withdrawn by the firm “years ago”, there are still some issues that the Monaco prosecutor would like cleared up.
Taylor has agreed to return with the understanding that Judge Leclerc agrees that he will be free to leave the Principality once the questioning is over that day.