White Castle Partners bringing innovative South Korean business to the Riviera

Following the successful showcasing of innovative South Korean start-ups at Vroom last year, White Castle Partners are once again facilitating their integration into the European market. 

Their immersion into the European market was brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic but will have long-lasting impacts. Asked by the South Korean government to help their businesses integrate into the unknown European market, White Castle Partners heeded the call.

For the second year, White Castle Partners have brought over a select and diverse range of innovative South Korean businesses, and have helped them to understand the market, make connections, and even set up their businesses here in the south of France.

Promoting the south of France is also a facet of what White Castle Partners are trying to do, as founder Peter Madsen told Monaco Life. The businesses, prior to Friday night’s presentations and networking event in Monaco, have been in the region for a week, and have visited places such as Sophia-Antipolis with an eye to relocating, an increasingly popular choice in the post-pandemic business world, as Madsen pointed out.

Photo of Sang Jin Kang by Monaco Life

Sang Jin Kang, CEO of A-Life, a producer of sustainable Vegan food, said that his business was looking to set up factories in Europe. “Our products are based on soybean, and in South Korea that is expensive. We are looking to set up factories here,” said Kang.

White Castle Partners helps businesses understand the European market, which for those such as A-Life, can be highly advantageous. “The South Korean vegan market isn’t that big at this moment in time. In Europe, the market is big, especially in Germany, France, and England. We’re trying to sell our product because we are ready to sell. We are in this region for the first time. We don’t know how to market, how to make it in the market, how to patent, etc. I’m learning about this through White Castle Partners,” said the A-Life founder.

Photo of Rashid Manishev by Monaco Life

Littleone, a business developing a smart baby bottle (as well as a larger range of smart baby products), also benefits from what White Castle have to offer. “The reason we participated in this programme was for us to be connected with baby food companies. Of the 10 top countries, five or six are based in Europe. We are piloting in Portugal and Spain. We are also discussing with Danon in Paris,” Global Business Lead Rashid Manishev told Monaco Life.

By promoting the region, and facilitating the integration of South Korean start-ups into the European market, White Castle Partners are helping to shape the Riviera’s post-pandemic business landscape.


Photo by White Castle Partners