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White Paper #5 – Top Tips for New Philanthropists

White Paper #5 – Top Tips for New Philanthropists

By Editor - March 29, 2017


This article addresses the increasing interest by Families on how to be philanthropic, especially from the Millennial (18-35 year olds) members.

Why give?
There are many reasons, ranging from wealth and tax planning, to brand building, to much more personal motivations, that people may decide to get involved in philanthropy.

Philanthropy is now in vogue, widely celebrated, and adopted as a worthy lifestyle choice amongst the wealthy. We know that philanthropy is on the rise, too. According to the Coutts Million Dollar Donors Report, $56 billion (€47 billion) donations of more than $1 million (€840,000) were made in 2015 – a significant rise from the previous year.

Giving can be a hugely rewarding experience. Getting to know the dynamic individuals and organisations working at the frontline of social change is enriching and humbling. And such engagement can cut across different aspects of your life – from involving the family and even the children in planning and choosing donations, to engaging companies and their employees.

One of the best reasons to give is that the world needs it. Philanthropy has often played a hugely important role in the development of just, democratic societies. Now more than ever – with such global and complex challenges as global under-nutrition, gender inequality, climate change and the refugee crisis – philanthropy has a very important role to play.

What are some of the challenges donors face?
While the journey of a philanthropist is a privileged and rewarding one, it’s not easy to be effective. Here are some of the key pitfalls:



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