Who is doing it best?

The Energy Transition Mission is, for the first time, putting their programmes to a vote, asking partners to vote for their favourite sustainability initiatives.

The Energy Transition Mission is in the process of organising their annual conference, this year entitled ‘Living without waste’, and in honour of this event they have decided to involve members of the National Pact for Energy Transition by voting for the projects and programmes they like best.

From now until Sunday 2nd May, the polls will be open to signatories to select their favourite programmes that fall under the criteria of waste reduction, innovation, economic added value and reproducibility. In the end, three initiatives will be selected based on the greatest number of votes. The winners will be announced and awarded during the annual conference.

In order to vote, one must be a signatory to the National Pact and have an online account. To create the account, simply go to https://pacte-coachcarbone.mc/ and sign up. Then participants are asked to go to the ‘Initiatives’ page and find out the details on the 19 proposed projects up for contention. Finally, members can go to the ‘Challenges and Surveys’ page and vote for their preferred initiative.

The Energy Transition Mission was created by the government in 2016 to support and lead projects that limit greenhouse gas emissions and to develop renewable energy sources.