Who were this year's recognised heroes?

Monaco’s National Day is a day to honour not only the country and its prince, but to distinguish those who make the country what it is. This year, despite the health crisis, the country celebrated its everyday heroes.

The 2020 National Day ceremonies, which culminated on Thursday 19th November, saw a number of distinctions and promotions handed this week to those whose service or actions stood out this past year.

Prince Albert II presented awards for Physical Education and Sport at Stade Louis II on Tuesday.

Caroline, the Princess of Hanover, presented the honours in the Order of Cultural Merit on Wednesday, while the Prince presented Order of Grimaldi medals of honour to the volunteers of the Monegasque Red Cross and the National Blood Merit at the palace’s Cour d’Honneur.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene in the Court of Honour at the Palace. Photo: Eric Mathon and Gaétan Luci / Prince’s Palace

On Thursday, dozens of awards and honours were presented to those in the service of the Prince’s government through promotion or distinction. Members of the fire brigade, the Prince’s riflemen, and the palace staff were recognised for their work and given medals for their service, including Lieutenant-Colonel Marc Degabriel of the fire brigade who received the Order of Saint-Charles and who pinned the Order of Grimaldi on the flag of the Monegasque Red Cross for its contribution to the fight against covid 19. 

This year, the Guard at the Standard of the Sovereign Prince was made up of six Carabinieri, including three in Papalin uniform to mark the 150th anniversary of the Company of the Prince’s Guards. 

Photo: Eric Mathon and Gaétan Luci / Prince’s Palace

Here is the full list of recipients:

Delivery of stripes to soldiers of the Force Publique and the Compagnie des Sapeurs-Pompiers:

– to the rank of Captain: Lieutenant Serge SEPE

– to the rank of Lieutenant: Major Alain SACANY

– to the rank of Staff Sergeant: Sergeant Olivier CASSINI

– to the rank of Sergeant: Corporal Guillaume BRUNA-ROSSO

– to the rank of Master Corporal: Corporal Philippe DESTREBECQ

– to the rank of Corporal: 1st Class Sapper Fabien RAY

– the 1st class distinction:

. Sapper Jean-Philippe DOMINIAK

. Sapper Raphaël GARCIA

. Sapper Dorian HUART

. Sapper Mathieu LORME

To the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince:

– to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer: Warrant Officer Denis RAYMOND

– to the rank of adjutant: Marshal des Logis-head Nicolas MARRADI

– to the rank of Maréchal des Logis-Major: the Marshal of Logis-head Bruno VOGELSINGER

– to the rank of Marshal des Logis-chef: the Marshal of Logis Thierry AMET, Marshal of Logis Jean-Christophe AGOSTA

– to the rank of Maréchal des Logis:

. Brigadier Fabien ROEHRIG

. Brigadier Simon LAINEZ

. Brigadier Grégory MARMORET

– to the rank of Brigadier:

. 1st Class Rifleman Eric DIETHRICH

. 1st Class Rifleman David CABAUD

. The Rifleman of 1st Class Rémi TOSCAN

. 1st Class Rifleman Franck ORGERET

– the 1st class distinction:

. the Rifleman Sylvain BILOTE

. the Rifleman Sébastien WALTZ

. Carabinieri Mickaël BELLATALLA

. Carabinieri Charly MINOTTI

Presentation of decorations at the Compagnie des Sapeurs-Pompiers:

– Knight in the Order of Saint-Charles: Lieutenant-Colonel Marc DEGABRIEL

To the Monegasque Red Cross:

– Order of Grimaldi – Covid-19 Promotion 

Presentation of medals of honour and long-service medals to Palace staff


Mr Alain LEUCCI Head Upholsterer 30 years of service


Mr. Franck SABATINI Electrotechnician 27 years of service

Mr. Alain PEREZ Head of the Maintenance Department 27 years of service 


Mr Ludovic VALLAT Responsible for the gardens 25 years of service

Madame Marie-Claire AMET Switchboard operator 25 years of service


Mr. Patrick GIORDANO Head Mason 18 years of service


Mr. Guillaume ESPOSITO Gardener 10 years of service

Mr. Ludovick DURAND Plumber 10 years of service

Mr Marcio BORGES MARQUES Valet 10 years of service

Madame Léni BORGES MARQUES Housekeeper 10 years of service

Madame Natalie BRAMIN Lingère 10 years of service

Madame Karine PLISSONNEAU Upholsterer 10 years of service

Madame Isabelle LE GUERINEL Switchboard operator 10 years of service

Photos: Eric Mathon and Gaétan Luci / Prince’s Palace, Manu Vitali and Mikael Alesi / Government Communication Department.