Wine tasting app makes headway in industry

A new app called Yes We Wine, supported by Monaco Foundry, is planning to revolutionise the wine industry by providing real time feedback on wines and vintages for the benefit of producers and connoisseurs.  
With worldwide consumption of wine increasing, and current trends estimating 32 billion bottles of wine are consumed yearly, there is a market of nearly 10 million professionals who are facing an increasingly demanding complex customer base.
‘Yes We Wine’ is a collaborative platform aimed at both amateurs and professionals alike. Tasters can rate wines and share, compare and discuss their comments with others, while professionals have access to tasting animation, training support, tastings and wine analysis and consumer trends.
The app allows producers and wine professionals to view which markets taste their wines the most, including a breakdown on the type of clients and an analysis of the notes they give for a wine or vintage.
Launched at the start of 2021, the app has already accumulated more than 3,500 professional users across 70 countries. It’s also been incubated in Bordeaux Technowest and Le Village by CA, and is part of the Microsoft for Start-ups programme and Monaco Foundry, a global venture accelerator that invests in early to mid-stage companies and their growth.