Wine tasting around the world at the Metropole Hotel


The sommeliers from the Metropole Hotel are sharing their passion for viniculture and revealing secret treasures in a new series of wine tasting events this year.

From the beginning of March until the end of September, the Metropole Hotel’s wine experts will immerse those interested in wines in an oenological world, giving them insight and information on some of their favourite vintages and practices.

This is no simple wine tasting course, though. The sommeliers will explain the basics of wine making techniques, advice on what to choose, as well as the best part – the tastings.

The experience includes a dinner in the Lobby Bar restaurant with a selection of starters and dishes whipped up by Chef Christophe Cussac, all with pairings to accent the flavours.

Restaurant at the Métropole Hôtel, by B.Touillon

The first trip is into the world of Chardonnays on 2nd and 3rd March. This drinkable varietal is the most cultivated white wine grape in the world.

Trip number two delves in the moodier world of the Pinot Noir. On 6th and 7th April, guests will discover this subtle red, capable of evoking great emotion in both maker and imbiber.

On 1st and 2nd June, visitors will get their fizz on with a selection of sparkling wines from around the globe. Think effervescent for this event, where taste buds delight in a bubbly jubilee. The night includes French sparkling wines, as well as notable bubbles from other countries.

The fourth and final trip is on 21st and 22nd September. As the weather starts to turn cooler, the Metropole will give visitors a lesson on the best of port wines. They will pull out examples of each style, including tawny, ruby and white, and talk about the Douro Valley region of Portugal where these exceptional vintages are produced.  

The cost per person is €190 and space is available by reservation only.