Women in Monaco series: Claudia Morandini

The hugely successful Women in Monaco series continues, highlighting females of the Principality who empower, excel and inspire. This week, thanks to She Can He Can, we talk to Claudia Morandini, former professional skier and current CEO of CMTSport Exclusive Events.

What does success look like to you?

Sometimes the word success is linked to one’s work, to results. We think about sport. You are successful when you win: universal law. Success is deeper. Success is a subjective concept. Personally, success is when I set goals and I can reach them. When I do all things in the best way, when what I do makes me feel good inside, sometimes euphoric, happy. Personally I have always done jobs that made me feel quite accomplished, but inside I felt I could always do more, I was never enough for myself. Then my children were born and I understood that that something I lacked in life was just that. The moment I joined all the pieces of the puzzle of my life, from the work I had chosen to the family, inside I felt at the height of my personal success. Success is also being able to do what you love most, understand your personal talents and do the job that suits your personality. Each of us has enormous potential, only that sometimes we can not find out.

What is the main thing that needs to change to improve entry into your field of work, including opportunities for development and the day-to-day life of women at work?

I think the situation is already improving compared to past years. Women are taking a job position with charisma and creativity. In the past it was really difficult, especially in some extremely male environments, like the ones I have faced. Women have never had much credibility in sports, sports journalism. Today, I have my own agency of exclusive sport events, I believe a lot in the value of women and I try to make them actively participate in the projects. In some fields, the role of women who have to show their value in the face of many prejudices is still questioned. Educating is essential. To educate women to believe in themselves and to educate men to accept that in the world of work the female figure is necessary because we have the creative characteristics necessary for success. In fact, I believe that if a woman manages to build herself and have personality she can emerge. There is still much to do, in my small way, I try to give space to the female world, also creating projects focused on “women’s power”.

Tell us about a woman you admire and how she’s inspired you to become who you are today?

My best friend Renee. She is such a successful woman from LA, one of the best fundraisers in the US. She built on her own, step by step without fear of facing a masculine and very delicate environment of American politics. I recognize myself in her. We have both struggled a lot to have credibility. I have also grown up in male environments, where women have always had to prove much more than a man in terms of ability. From her I have learned how to manage stressful situations, to face the powerful male figures and to assert my position. She is one of those women that when you see in action you think “I want to get involved”. I have always chosen works of great responsibility in my life because this is what I need to give the best of myself and the bigger the responsibility the more I can get the best out of me.