Workshop to improve gender inequality in the workplace

Monegasque institution She Can He Can is set to host a ‘Diversity and inclusion in the workplace’ workshop for businesses, educators and individuals. Participants will understand how to challenge unconscious bias and the impact of microaggressions, while receiving tips for creating a more inclusive environment in the workplace.

The workshops aim to help participants challenge their own assumptions by exchanging and learning from the experiences of others. Through fact-based evidence, interactive activities and exchange dialogue, She Can He Can encourages participants to learn and adopt methods to improve gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace and their own lives.

The next workshop will be held on 18th June at the Maison de Associations. It will explore the implications and root causes of inequalities in the workplace and examine how people experience marginalisation along the lines of gender, race, class and other aspects of their identities.

It also aims to help individuals understand their personal role and responsibility in reference to inequality in the workplace, and demonstrate how individuals and companies can more meaningfully tackle inequalities in their own working environments.

“Our goal is that participants will leave the workshop having been challenged and introduced to new ways of thinking about inequality as well as understanding better methods to work for equality in everything that they do,” said Vibeke Brask Thomsen, Director of SheCanHeCan.