World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards unite the next generation in high-end hospitality

Amid rumours that the event could soon become a Netflix show, the World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards that spotlight rising stars in gastronomy, service and mixology were held at the Hôtel de Paris at the end of last week. Here are the winners.  

The World Young Chef Young Waiter (WorldYCYW) Awards, replete with a splendid dinner gala honouring all those involved, were held in the stunning Salle Empire inside the Hôtel de Paris on Friday 24th November.  

“The flow of young talent is evident here, as we showcase the emerging superstars of tomorrow,” Robert Walton MBE, the chairman of WorldYCYW, told Monaco Life on the night. “Achieving our ambitious goals [to grow the competition] over two years reflects the hospitality industry’s dynamic power and our commitment to nurturing a contemporary and sustainable hospitality community.” 

22 entrants from nine countries worldwide featured on the shortlist, but in the end, it was one nation in particular that dominated.  

Mixology award triumph: Zana Mohlmann’s victory 

Singapore’s Zana Mohlmann, who is the Head Bartender at Manhattan Bar, won the mixology competition. She clinched the title with a unique cocktail that featured Neft vodka infused with pine needles, a snow frost element and forest wood aroma blended with American whiskey.

Mohlmann told Monaco Life, “Having the opportunity to present my cocktail creations to such an esteemed panel of judges [Anna Sebastian, Paul Robinson and Yann Bouvignies] was a true honour.”  

Top hospitality is a “team sport”

The Chef and Waiter Award is a celebration of the collaboration possible between culinary and service professionals.  

Adam Handling, a judge representing the chef profession, praised the quality of each of the entries, noting the importance and essential nature of strong partnership between chefs and waiters. Meanwhile, Simon King, who was judging the service aspect, described good hospitality as a “team sport”.  

In a first for the event, the third place was shared by two teams. Representing England were Benjamin Mabley and Jade Walker, while the Welsh team included Sam Everton and Carys Webster. The USA team, which took second place, featured Marcus Youn and Regina Gutierrex. The top honour, however, went to Singapore’s Ian Tan and Belle Torres.  

Upon receiving the award, Belle Torres shared her heartfelt emotions with Monaco Life, saying, “The win was beyond my expectations. I poured my heart into this competition, preparing as best as I could. I’m thrilled about the future possibilities this victory opens up.” 

Ian Tan, reflecting on his achievement, expressed to Monaco Life his dedication and cultural pride: “Entering this competition, I gave it my all, aiming to showcase a piece of my homeland. It’s important to embrace and take pride in our roots, no matter where we come from.”  

Expanding horizons 

Following the success of this year’s edition, the competition is set to grow next year with participation expected from 15 countries.  

The managing director of WorldYCYW, Sean Valentine, also disclosed plans to pitch a show related to the event to Netflix. A trailer is reportedly in the works.  


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Photo by Monaco Life