“World’s most highly trained covert operative” to speak at human trafficking conference in Monaco

UPDATE: Event cancellation, notified 11/12/2023 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tony Schiena, a man known as the “world’s most highly trained covert operative” in the global fight against human trafficking and terrorism, will next week be speaking at a web conference held in the Principality on behalf of the Monaco Association of Compliance Officers. Here are all the details.  

Human trafficking is one of the world’s most insidious crimes. It is estimated that there are currently 40 million people who are being forced to work without pay or basic rights around globe, with the situation of many being compounded by a vicious cycle of abuse.  

Some of the jobs these victims must endure include being sold into the sex trade, working as forced labourers on farms and in factories, and as domestic servants, such as nannies or maids. While the roles they are forced to perform vary, all live under the threat of violence or in fear. To make matters worse, some €140 billion is believed to be made off the backs of these vulnerable people by human traffickers every year.  

Almost every country in the world is in some way affected by this crime, either as a point of origin, a transit stopover or as a destination. Even Monaco undergoes evaluations by the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA), which recently sent a third delegation to the Principality. Following the visit, GRETA officials made the explicit recommendation that the government should raise awareness on the issue in the Principality. 


Tony Schiena may not be a household name, but he should be. He is one of the world’s most experienced elite counter terrorism and human trafficking experts. He has worked extensively in the field as well as behind the scenes as a trainer of other operatives and is the owner of defence intelligence company, MOSAIC Security. Schiena also founded MOSAIC Federation, an organisation set up to combat modern slavery and the trafficking of children.   

He has spoken at numerous high-level events, including at the United Nations, the Vatican, the UK House of Lords, the House of the President of India, at the G20 Women conference in Paris and to government panels in Pakistan and Dubai as well as various “other prestigious political platforms”.  

Now, he is set to speak at a web conference reserved for members of the Monaco Association of Compliance Officers (AMCO) on 11th December at 12.30pm. The event will be hosted by Landmark Management. 

Schiena is expected to discuss his past work as well as his present occupations, with references to the challenges and actions being taken in the fight against this shocking crime. 

Schiena will also touch on topics including: the role of money laundering in human trafficking; how private companies are fighting it; the links between terrorism and trafficking; the use of tech in trafficking; and the roles of compliance officers in combatting it, amongst other salient themes.  

Nathalie Schinzig, Head of Compliance at Landmark Management, will moderate. She will also serve as co-speaker.  

I’ll speak about the global aspect of modern slavery, human trafficking and [the] money laundering of the funds related to this harmful crime as well as the role of Compliance Officers in the fight with the human trafficking,” she tells Monaco Life.  

The conference will be delivered in English and a link to join will be sent out to participants prior to the event. For further information, click here. 


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Photo via www.tonyschiena.com