World’s most popular destinations for a city break in 2023 revealed

The Top 100 City Destinations Index for 2023 has placed the French capital of Paris at the top of its rankings of the world’s most popular city break destinations, adding extra kudos to a city that has reigned supreme among international travellers for decades.  

Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index, which is produced in collaboration with data company Lighthouse, meticulously evaluates cities worldwide for their tourism rates, sustainability efforts, economic performance, and health and safety.

And it is against an ever-evolving landscape of global travel, where destinations rise and fall in popularity almost overnight, that long-time favourite Paris has retained its prestigious status as the world’s most popular city for a holiday.

The fact that the iconic French capital continues to prove so attractive is a reflection of its timeless appeal and ability to remodel itself to suit different visitors.  

But it wasn’t the only European city to do well in the rankings. Europe dominates the Top 10, with seven other cities on the continent making the cut.  

The allure of Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and London collectively showcases Europe’s cultural richness and capacity to draw a whole range of global travellers seeking diverse experiences. 

The story is the same just outside of the Top 10, with Munich, Milan, Dublin, Vienna and Lisbon all doing well.  

The rest of the gaps are filled by Dubai, which took a strong second position on the list, Tokyo in fourth, New York in eighth, Singapore in 11th, Seoul in 14th, Osaka in 16th, Hong Kong in 17th and Los Angeles in 19th place.  

Europe’s success, according to Euromonitor, stems from rapid urbanization and extensive technology integration. Evolving travel trends prompt cities to adapt, prioritising features like high-speed internet, flexible reservations and remote workspaces.  

To see the full list for yourself, click here


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Photo source: Adolfo Félix, Unsplash