You can now calculate the carbon footprint of your visit to Monaco

co2 calculator

A new CO2 footprint calculator by Visit Monaco has been designed to help tourists make more eco-informed choices about travelling to, from and around the Principality. 

This simple-to-use tool takes only minutes to complete. Users input the dates they plan to travel, the number of those in the group, where they came from, what mode of transport they came by, whether they plan to stay overnight, and how they intend to get around once in town. The tool then gives an estimate of what kind of footprint is generated based on the information given. 

For example, a single person coming from Beaulieu-sur-Mer travelling by train for a day trip and moving about the Principality on foot will generate roughly 296g of C02, whereas three people from the same start point but travelling by helicopter and then taking a taxi to their destination will generate a much higher 79.59kg per person. 

The results are shared immediately on the website and can also be sent out in an email for later review. The tool then provides personalised tips to help make trips more sustainable.  


The calculator is the latest in the government’s arsenal of tools aimed at a bigger picture carbon neutrality agenda.  

It’s just one of a great number of schemes that fall under Monaco’s Climate and Energy Plan, which aims to: “Combat climate change and adapt the territory to these changes, with an approach based on sustainable development… The aim is to build a territory that is resilient, robust and adapted, to the benefit of the population and its businesses.” 

The first white paper released in 2017 had a list of points to hit in order to achieve sustainability goals. According to Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for the Energy Transition, who spoke in January at the annual Energy Transition Meeting, “50 out of the 88 actions indicated in 2017 have already been implemented or are currently ongoing”.  

It’s a clear sign that Monaco is well on track to reach its ambitious goals.  

To calculate your carbon footprint, click on the link here.


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Photo source: Pixabay