Zero fossil fuels at Monaco Boat Challenge

Solar racing

The Yacht Club of Monaco has thrown down the gauntlet for the sixth annual Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, banning all fossil fuels and asking competitors and the Monegasque community to strive for zero emissions during the five-day event. Torqeedo has partnered with the YCM to ensure that all boats involved in the organisation of the event are 100% electric and will serve as the event’s Technical Sponsor.

Solar racing

“It’s essential that the yachting sector embrace clean energy sources to cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said Bernard d’Alessandri, Yacht Club of Monaco General Secretary.

The Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge aims to inspire technical innovation by matching the creativity of young engineers with experienced manufacturers to design, develop and race emission-free boats. The excitement of racing is balanced with key players tackling issues such as how the yachting community can effect change on environmental challenges in the marine environment, sustainability and energy efficiency during a concurrent series of lectures and open forums.

Co-founder of Solar Impulse and Solar Class sponsor Bertrand Piccard said: “We need to demonstrate where the latest technology is leading us: it’s taking us a long way – in the right direction.”

“The Yacht Club of Monaco is, once again, demonstrating that it is a nerve centre of the green yachting movement,” said Dr. Christoph Ballin, co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo. “We’re proud to support the continued efforts of the Yacht Club of Monaco and its members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the development of sustainable boating technology.”

Teams from around the world will gather at the YCM to participate in the challenge from 2nd July through to 6th July. The event is hosted in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the International Powerboating Federation.